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Custom Video Script

The Demise of the Goddess Of Justice


I.     Information

a.     MODEL: ? (TBA)


b.     LENGTH70 Minutes


c.     Real Name:  Ashley “Regina” Pulchrietta


d.     Superheroine Name: Galaxy Angel (AKA. Goddess of Justice)

e.     COSTUME:

                                                              i.      She will wear a skin-tight, shining spandex body suit.  It will begin around her neck and continue down her arms, to her wrists.  It will also cover her body, and continue down her legs to her ankles.  Without her gloves and boots, only her hands, feet, and head are exposed.  She will have a Blue Star on the chest of the Suit.


                                                           ii.      She will have a short little blue cape with a Silver Star on it.  The short cape will stop around her waste, above her butt (So that is ALWAYS visible even with the cape on. 


                                                         iii.      She will wear tight, shining, silky smooth, blue satin, gloves that run up her arm (stopping a little past her elbow).


                                                          iv.      She will wear TIGHT, shiny high-heel blue boots.  Her boots will stop a few INCHES below her knee.  Below are a few PICS of the style boot I'd like for her to wear.


                                                              i.      Her belt will be blue (extra-tight) with an angel emblem on the front of it.  It will be squeezing ultra-tight into waste, bulging her ass out.


                                                           ii.      Her lips would have pink lip-gloss, making them soft, shiny, and moist (show a few close-ups of her lips throughout the film).


                                                         iii.      She will wear gold circular earrings.


                                                          iv.      She will wear tight blue, shiny, satin, and smooth bra and panties that expose much cleavage. 


F.  PERSONALITY: - Ashley Pulchrietta (Galaxy Angel) is a very confident woman.  Although she is confident, Ashley will have a very nice, pleasing personality.  She sees herself as the Champion of Justice, and confidently protects Justice willingly, all-knowing that there is no villain who can even come close to challenging her,



a.       SLIGHTLY DIRTY SOLES I would like her soles to be NATURALLY Slightly Dirty” (LIKE DUST; but NOT Very dirty & NOT ARTIFICALLY DIRTY) for the video.  The SLIGHTLY DIRTY SOLES

                                                              i.      To make her feet “slightly dirty”, perhaps she can just walk around outside in the grass, or inside barefoot for a while (15-20 minutes).  I’m sure this would make her soles slightly & naturally dirty.  Or perhaps, she can take a barefoot walk around a park for 15-20 minutes before she comes over for the shoot.

                                                            ii.      ANOTHER THING SHE COULD DO TO MAKE HER FEET SLIGHTLY DIRTY is the following:  Perhaps, she has a pair of flip-flops that dirty her soles?  You can ask her; and if she does have a pair, she can wear them that entire day before the shoot, so that when the shoot starts her soles are slightly dirty.

                                                          iii.      NOTE: (I do NOT want her feet to be artificially dirty. I.E. you wipe or apply something to her feet to make them dirty.  I’d like it to be natural, just from walking around in Flip-Flops or walking around barefoot outside.

The Slightly-Dirty/DUSTY feet are VERY, VERY important & essential to this VID.  So let her know well ahead of time before you shoot the film (a week or two), so she can figure out someway to get her feet "slightly/naturally" dusty/dirty for the video.  Perhaps have her take a barefoot walk one day, to see if it dirties/dusties her soles (whatever works, is what she should do the day of the shoot, before you film).  IF THEY’RE NOT DIRTY AT THE TIME OF THE SHOOT, PERHAPS JUST HANG OUT OUTSIDE, for 20-30 Minutes with her barefoot in the grass.  With her just walking around (I’m sure that would slightly dirty her soles).  Again, her feet really need to be slightly dirty for the VID.


H.       FETISHESThere are 2 main fetishes that I have, and will focus on in my script. 

                                                              i.      SUPERHEROINE fetish – Proud, almighty superheroines.  Confident and all-powerful, spandex clad women who cockily destroy evil and protect justice.  The fetish comes when these proud, almighty Superbabes are shockingly destroyed.

                                                          ii.      FOOT (SOLES) fetish –I love the SOLES of girls’ feet.  The top of the foot doesn’t do much for me.  There will be much focus on the soles of the Superheroine’s SOLES in a majority of the scenes.

                                                                                I.      Also there are a few foot poses that I do NOT like, and I would like them to be avoided when she is in the LAYING POSES.  I will show a couple PICS of what I like, and what I’d like to be avoided.



a.     Intro:

                                                             i. In the Very Beginning, I would like to see a picture of Galaxy Angel standing confident and proud, while in her suit with her hands on hips and her chest bulging out. The American Flag would be in the background.  Her stats would be to the side:

                                                                               I.      Age: 23

                                                                            II.      Name – Ashley Pulchrietta

                                                                         III.      Height – ? (Based On Model)

                                                                         IV.      Weight – ? (Based On Model)

                                                                            V.      Weaknesses – none

                                                                        VI.      Strengths – extremely confident and proud, invulnerable, invincible, most powerful being on earth, fastest and quickest being on earth, most beautiful being in Galaxy

                                                          ii.      Then I would like this little summary to roll up the screen (with the PIC in the background):

                                                                                I.      When evil strikes, justice calls on one woman.   One woman more powerful, sovereign, confident, and beautiful than any other being in the universe, Galaxy Angel.  When called on, Galaxy Angel, clothed in her boots, cape, and gloves, and fitted in her shining silver spandex, confidently enters the scene of crime.  And then, easily disposes of her inferior opponent.  She mocks evil’s pathetic attempts to defeat justice and stands more sovereign and confident than all.  Our loving Goddess and Savior of the Galaxy has been despised by evil ever since she foiled their first crime.  And our Champion of Justice has targeted, by the disgusting and wicked minds of evil.  They have waited for the day, when our so-called Invincible and Invulnerable Superheroine would meet her demise.  These sick animals have set a trap for our lovely angel, in hope of putting to rest our sovereign and righteous Protector of the Universe.  But our superheroine is Galaxy Angel.  She is our Goddess of Justice.  Our nation bows down & worships at her sovereign feet.  She is our proud, confident, almighty, powerful, beautiful, sovereign Champion, and evil stands no chance… or does it?




I.      SCENE 1 (13 MINUTES)

a.       (30 SECONDS – Butt Scene) Galaxy Angel will come home into her living room, full dressed in her Superheroine costume after another easy and successful day of destroying crime.  She will fold her arms under her ample chest, and smirk, “Hmmm, another easy day.”  She will press her hands/fingers hard into ass, and tightly run her hands down the back of her leg (please focus Close-up on her ass and legs as she does this).  She seems tired and will slowly walk into her bedroom (I would like you to focus Close-up on her ass as she is walking into her bedroom).


b.      (3.5 MINUTES – Sole Massage Scene) She will get into her bed, and remove her boots.  She will moan slightly at the comfort of removing her boots off her tired soles.  She will wiggle her toes as she removes her boots (I would like you to focus Close-up on her soles as she removes her boots).  She will put her feet in her lap & grab her soles tightly, and tightly MASSAGE HER SOLES.  She will grip her soles, and be pressing & squishing her THUMB deep into her soles (I would like you to focus on her soles, as she is massaging them). 


c.       (4 MINUTES Sleeping Soles) She will roll over, and lay on her stomach with her legs and bare feet stretched behind her.  She will take a small rest.  She will be slowly wiggling & wrinkling her SOLES.  She will slowly slide them, as she is barely awake.  She will, slightly/slowly wiggle her spandex covered ass as she sleeps. (I would like you to focus Close-up on her soles throughout this scene.  Also, I’d like a short close-up of her wiggling/sleeping ass).


d.       (2.5 MINUTES Strip & Sleeping Soles) She will roll over (focus Close-up, between her legs and under ass as she rolls over), and remove her skin-tight spandex suit, belt, cape and gloves.  She will roll back over onto her stomach, only wearing her bra and panties, and will go back to sleep.  (Again, I’d like you to focus on her slightly wiggling/wrinkling SOLES as she is sleeping.)

e.       (30 SECONDS “Squishing” Soles) The phone will ring, and she will walk over to her desk.  She will sit down on her feet in her chair.  She will answer the phone, “Hey Lance, How’s you doin’, babe?” “Ashley, I’ve got some urgent news.  Skull, the Russian Terrorist is here in America” “Skull is at it again?” “Yes.  He’s in a warehouse down in Florida.  He’s trying to nuke the entire Eastern Coast.  There’s not much time, and you’re our only hope.”  Ashley will smirk, “Don’t worry, Lance.  I’ll take care of these terrorists.”  “Just be careful Ashley.  These terrorists want you dead.”  “Lance, I’m Galaxy Angel, the Champion of Justice and Savior of All.  I’m the Sovereign Savior of the Galaxy.  I’m the most powerful being in the Universe.  I’ll be fine.  I’m not going to let these men hurt anyone.  I’m gonna keep you & the rest of the country safe, Lance.”  She will smirk cockily.  “See ya later, babe.”

                                                               i.      As she’s on the phone, she will be constantly slowly wiggling & squishing her feet into each other as she’s talking on the phone.  Below are some PICS of the pose that I’d like her in, and also what I’d categorize as “SQUISHING.” (I’d like you to focus Closeup on her SOLES throughout the scene).


f.     (2 MINUTES Transport & Walking Butt) She will get out of the chair and stand, confident hands on hips.  She will instantly transform into her suit.  Standing confident she will transport to the warehouse and Galaxy Angel will confidently walk in (Focus Close-up on her ass & legs as she’s walking in.  I’d like her to be walking for 2 minutes).



a.       (30 SECONDS Pressing Butt & Legs) She would get in and stand with her legs together, and her arms folded under her bulging breasts (close-up of her ass and breast).  She would put her hands on her ass, and press down very tightly; she slides her gloved hands down her legs, pressing into her legs tightly (focus close-up on her ass & legs as she does this).  She says, “Where is this scumbag.”


b.      (1 MINUTE Galaxy Angel’s Power) The villain would show himself.  Ashley will let out a sarcastic sigh of relief, seeing her inferior opponent.  Smirking Ashley now stands confident, hands on hips, and says, “It’s over Skull.  I’m takin’ you to justice.”  The Russian terrorist, in a low and mysterious voice, “Hmm… you got here quick.  I would hate the party to end this fast.”  Ashley says, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”  The villain walks over to Galaxy Angel and stands directly in front of her.  He throws a punch at her body, and Galaxy Angel catches it easily.  She squeezes his fist tightly, while smirking, and pushes him back.  Frustrated he walks back over to the confident heroine, and throws another punch, and has the same result.  Galaxy Angel says, “Should I finish this now, or should I let you play a little more before I destroy you?”  The villain responds, “Shut up, super-slut!”  With his back turned to the Superheroine, he pulls a gun out of his belt.  He spins around, and fires consecutive bullets at the heroine.  Galaxy Angel catches each bullet in her hand, and drops them on the ground.  She smirks, “Pathetic.  Just like the rest.”  Galaxy Angel slowly walks over to the frightened villain.  “Don’t you know that evil never pays?  Justice always wins.”  She grabs the villain around the throat and throws him into the wall.  As he’s on the ground, she fires a blast out of her hand, shocking his body.  The villain lays motionless.  Ashley walks over, and stands over the villain (focus on her ass as she walks over).  She stands with her legs pinned together, and her arms folded (focus closely on her ass as her legs are together).  She smirks, “hmmm… well that was easy.  Did it even take a minute?”  Hearing him moan slightly, she says, “Skull, I’m the Champion of All.  The Goddess of Justice.  Evil stands no chance against my sovereign power.”  Galaxy Angel turns around, and stands, hands-on-hips, victorious yet again. 


c.       (1-MINUTE Galaxy Angel Captured!) She reaches down to press the star on her belt to alert the local authorities that she’d caught the terrorist.  But before she can get a word out, the villain presses a button.   “What, why wont the button work?  Hmm… oh well, I’ll just take you myself.”  She smirks confidently.  He says aloud, “Take this Goddess.”  He immediately fires a powerful net out of his hand. The net engulfs the Superheroine tightly, pinning her legs together and her arms at her side.  Galaxy Angel gasps, “Oh my gosh!”  She wiggles and squirms, only to fall to the floor helplessly in the tight net. She is defiant, squirming and yelling, “I command you to release me!  I’m the Goddess of Justice!”  He responds, “HAHAHA!  What is your country going to do, when their Heavenly Goddess of Justice is swallowed up and destroyed!” The spandex-clad Superheroine squirms helplessly in the nets grip, and falls helplessly to the ground.  The villain laughs wickedly, watching her squirm.  He then picks her up, and throws her over his shoulder.  He squeezes and slaps her beautiful ass, the entire time while carrying her (focus close-up on her ass, as it is slapped). 


d.   (2.5 MINUTES Table Bondage) He throws her stuffed body onto a table and releases the net. He then has her tied down like the picture below to the RIGHT,


      He tapes her mouth shut (You do NOT have to show the whole process of her being tied down.  Maybe show like 30-40 seconds of her struggling as she is being tied down). Also, she will be “MMPHING” throughout the scene”.  She squirms and wiggles helplessly in the binds.  She wiggles her butt (focus close-up on her ass as she wiggles it).  She moans helplessly.  He slaps her ass 5 times, and squeezes it very tightly for a while (focus Close-up on her ass, as he does this).  He laughs wickedly, “Is the power of terrorism too much for the Goddess of Justice?”  He then kisses her butt, and punches the side of her ass 10 times, watching her buttocks jiggle loosely (focus Close-up on her ass, as he does this).  He presses his hand deep into her ass, and kisses her ass again. “You’ve quite a body.  A shame it’s going to have go to waste.”




a.  (3 MINUTES Brutal Beat Down Beginning) The villain will stand over the bound superheroine, and he will power up more.  He will then slug her in the face, momentarily stunning the Goddess.  He will untie her and, push her off the table.  Galaxy Angel will stand up, but only to receive a vicious punch to the face.  She falls to the floor.  She lays on her back, with her legs spread & stretched, rolling back and forth (focus close-up under ass, b/w her legs as she does rolls).  She gets back to her feet, and turns around only to get slugged again.  She maintains her balance, but is spun to the side.  He picks her up between her legs, and holds her like this picture BELOW. 

      He will slam her body on his knee, cracking her side.  He drops her and her ass hits the ground on its side (focus close-up on her ass as she hits the ground), and she rolls in pain on the ground, with her legs stretched and spread, rolling back and forth (focus close-up under ass, b/w her legs as she does rolls). “How’s this feel bitch!  What are your innocent worshipers going to do when they find out that I’ve destroyed their Goddess?  HAHAHA!”  Ashley, still proud & defiant, “By the power of the Heavens, I command you to stop!  I’m a Goddess!”  He picks her up, and does this (as in the picture) 3 more times, finally dropping her to the ground.  The almighty Superheroine lays rolling back and forth on her back, with her legs stretched and spread (focus close-up, under her ass and b/w her legs).  She will roll for 1 minute.


b.       (1 MINUTE De-Booting SOLES Scene) He will sit on her stomach and say, “Instead of taking out just any Superheroine, the Organization of Terrorism is going to destroy the Goddess of Justice.  With the Almighty Goddess of Justice destroyed, justice isn’t going to stand a chance against us.  We’ll rule the world.”  “Re-release me now.”  and begin punching her face again.  She is squirming and moaning helplessly, as she wiggles her legs.  He will get up, and she will roll over, trying to crawl away.  He grabs her left boot to yank her back, but he ends up pulling her left high-heel boot off instead (focus close-up on her sole as her boot is slid off).  He exposes her slightly dirt sole.  He throws the boot on the ground, and goes back after her.


c.      (1 MINUTE Crawling Soles) She wiggles and squirms her soles, wrinkling them as she is still trying to crawl away (focus close-up on her soles some as she crawls).  She tries to transport out of the warehouse, but cannot.  Worried, Galaxy Angel says, “My gosh, I can’t transport out of here!”  “HAHAHA!  You’re not going to escape the grips of this dungeon.  Even the power of a Goddess is worthless against our new power.  Face it, Russia has captured the Goddess of Justice.”  She slowly slides her feet along the ground as she crawls.  Her soles naturally become wrinkled as she crawls (Focus on her soles as she is she crawls away;  also maybe show some of her ass as she crawls).

d.       (2 MINUTES Laying Soles)  “What are all the churches, that worshiped your sovereign body, going to do when they find your body naked & dead?”  He then grabs her head as she is crawling, and slams it into the ground 4 times; and she lays spread, on her face.  She lays spread on her face & her soles wiggle slightly, as she lay beaten to a pulp.  She moans helplessly.  He leaves her, and the only movement out of her, is her sexy wrinkling soles.  In this scene Galaxy Angel will be laying spread (for this scene she will lie, as in the PIC BELOW [however, only one of her feet will be naked; she'll still have her other boot on], and I would like the camera to focus on her naked, wrinkling soles the whole scene)



e.  (2 MINUTES Squishing Soles) She slowly gets up, in the pose BELOW.  She sits on her sole under leg

wrinkling it. (but her sole will still be fully visible) Her sole is squished beneath her leg, and she slowly, wrinkles & wiggles it under her leg (focus close-up on her sole as she wiggles & wrinkles it).  She is constantly wrinkling & wiggling her sole under her leg, as she tries to regain herself.  She reaches down with one of her hands, and grabs her naked dirty sole. She will grip her soles, and be pressing & squishing her THUMB deep into her soles; rubbing her sore wrinkled/dirty soles for a little bit (focus close-up on the sole massage).  “How dare you remove one of my boots?  You’ve exposed my sovereign feet.  My feet are meant to be bowed down upon and worshiped.”  He walks over & slugs her in the face, knocking her limp body onto her back.  One of her feet will still be bent under leg with her sole exposed.  She’ll be lying like the STICK FIGURE PIC below.

She lays flat on her back, with her sole still visible under leg.  “Sovereign huh?  I’ll make sure I treat your beautiful feet the right way.”  She slightly wrinkles her sole, as it is squished beneath her slightly squirming leg.  The rest of her body lays motionless as she moans slightly/sexily. (This is a “Squishing Soles” scene, and I would like you to focus close-up on her Squished soles throughout).


f.  (2 MINUTES More Beating & Soles) He grabs Ashley, and picks her up, like the PIC to the right.  However I want him to wrap his arms tightly around Galaxy Angel’s ass (instead of her waste), and squeezes his arms into her ass tightly (focus on her ass as he squeezes it).  “Release me!  AARRRGHHH!!!”  He says, “I’m going to squeeze the life out of your holy body.”  He squeezes, until she is almost motionless and he lets her fall to the ground.  She rolls from side to side on her back, with her legs stretched and spread (focus under her ass, b/w her legs as she rolls).  He then flips her over and grabs Ashley’s hair; he slams her face down again.  She lies face-first on the ground, with her legs spread.  He sits down on her ass (focus Close-up on her ass as he sits on it).  “Cmon Goddess!  I thought justice always wins?”  She can only moan & whine helplessly.  He grabs her head, and begins slamming it into the ground.  Her legs and feet are flailing.  (I’d like for her soles to be visible for much of the scene)

g.    (3 MINUTES Defeated SOLES) Soon, she is too weak from the beating, and lays spread and motionless on her face.  Only her toes are slightly wiggling and sliding on the ground (focus close-up on her soles as they’re wiggling).  The villain smiles, “The almighty protector of the galaxy… destroyed.”  He gets up and leaves the room to get a bondage ready.  She lays motionless spread on her face, except for her wrinkling & wiggling soles. (Keep focusing close-up on her soles throughout the scene, as this is a SOLES scene). 





a.       (1 MINUTE Dragging Soles) She is still spread on her face.  He grabs Ashley by the hair, and drags her into another room (focus on her feet some as she’s being dragged).  


b.      (5 MINUTES Whipping & Tattered Costume) He takes Galaxy Angel, and suspends her in the air.  He ties chains around her wrists, and hangs her from the ceiling.  Her toes dangle, pointed toward the ground.  He begins whipping her.  He smiles, “I’ve always wanted to capture and torture a Goddess.”  Ashley can only hang her head in humiliation.   Knowing that she was the Goddess of Justice, and she had been brutally defeated.  She spasms and whines upon every hit.  He whips her butt 10x  (Focus on her ass as it jiggles upon impact). She whines and begs, “Please… Stop.”  He whips her back & breasts 5x each (focus on her breasts as they are whipped).  Her costume gets tattered and torn, with pieces falling off.  Portions of her butt, and legs become slightly exposed, along with sections of her suit peeling off along her chest and back.  (Please try to keep her soles in view throughout the scene; unless you’re in another close-up)


c.       (4 MINUTES Sole Massage) The villain will slowly remove her 2nd boot, and now both of her slightly dirty/defeated soles are exposed, as she is still hanging.  “W…What are you doing?” He kneels down and begins worshiping her soles.  “Treating the Goddess of Justice’s sovereign feet the way they were meant to be treated.” He first massaging, and squeezes them very tightly.  He will grip her soles, and be pressing & squishing his THUMB deep into her soles.  “UUGHHH… Release my sovereign feet!”  He kisses them, pressing deep into her wrinkled soles.  “EEWWWW…  You pervert!”  He presses his gloved hand into her precious tender soles.  He grabs her soles, and wrinkles them as he squeezes them.  He gives a nice long sole massage.  “How dare you disrespect my sovereign feet?!”  She is slightly wiggling her toes/soles throughout the scene.  (Please focus close-up on her wrinkled soles throughout the duration of the scene)


d.    (1 MINUTE Sole Worship)  The villain takes one of the Sovereign Superheroine’s feet in each hand and squeezes them tightly. “Put my feet down, you pervert!”  He kisses her dirty soles as he is holding her feet tightly.  “MMMMMM… Your feet taste perfect.  I never thought I’d get to kiss a Goddess’ feet.  MMMMM…” He worships the Goddess’ soles, kissing them. (I would like you to focus close-up on her soles throughout the scene)





a.       (4 MINUTES Stripping/Body Worship) He slugs her in the face, and then releases her, from her suspended bondage and she flops to the floor.  He proceeds to rip off her sovereign super-suit, and strips her naked.  He presses his fingers into the tender palms of her gloved hands, and then slowly removes her gloves.  He squeezes her butt tightly, and presses his face deep into her ass.  He slaps her ass, and squeezes it more.  He rolls her onto her back, and worships her breasts.  Pressing his face into them, and squeezing them tightly.  Barely conscious, all that she can do is whine and moan throughout the humiliation. (I would like her soles to be in focus for part of the scene)


b.      (5 MINUTES Bondage/Soles Scene)  He then ball-gags her and ties her up, as in the following picture to the RIGHT. With her legs pinned together, ankles tied together and toes pointed & soles wrinkled/exposed.  (You don’t have to show her getting tied up).  He squeezes her ass tightly (close-up on ass as he squeezes it).  All she can do is “MMMPPHHHH”.  Ashley is constantly/slightly wrinkling her soles, and wiggling her soles.  He grabs her dirty/defeated soles, and kisses them.  He squeezes them tightly (focus close-up on soles).  He then hogties her (LIKE THE PIC ABOVE TO THE LEFT).  She continues squirming & moaning helplessly.  She’s still wiggling/wrinkling her soles.  He kisses and squeezes her soles.  He then leaves her to suffer. (Focus close-up on soles for majority of scene; also some ass wiggling close-ups)

C. (6 MINUTES Defeated Squishing Soles Scene) He unties her, but keeps her hands bound behind her back.  He sits her limp/barely conscious body up.  He begins mocking her again.  He squeezes her breasts, and rubs her down.  He runs his hand through her hair.  He then slugs her in the face, and leaves her, letting her squirm helplessly.

Throughout the ENTIRE scene, she is sitting on her soles (Just like in the telephone scene 1.e).  She constantly wiggles and squishes her soles into each other, as she is sitting on them.  She is pressing her feet into each other, squishing& wrinkling her soles. (Even though, he is doing some fondling, I would like this to be a “Squishing” Soles scene.  And I would like the camera to be focused Close-Up on her “SQUISHING & WIGGLING” soles throughout 99% of the scene.)


d.       (5 MINUTES Defeated Laying Soles Scene) Finally he unties her hands and she falls onto her face onto the ground.  The Goddess can barely move, and attempts to crawl away, but can barely lift herself.  She slides forward a little.  Her soles are wrinkled and wiggling as she is trying to crawl away (close-up on soles).  Unable to hold her own body up, she quickly falls flat on her face as in the picture to the RIGHT.  The only movement out of Ashley is her slight wiggling & moving of her dirty defeated soles.  She is constantly wiggling & wrinkling her dirty defeated soles She is squeaking and moaning helplessly in defeat.  (Focus Close-up on her laying defeated soles throughout 99.99% the entire scene; you can take a few shots of her defeated body, just panning around her motionless corpse.) 


e.      (2 MINUTES Galaxy Angel’s Demise) He slugs her in the face and she falls.  She still lays spread and motionless on her face.  “Well Goddess of Justice.  It’s time for justice’s all-powerful, protector of all, and Savior of the Galaxy to meet her demise.”  He laughs wickedly.  She barely lifts her head and begs, “Please… you can’t.”  He begins slamming the life out of her face into the ground.  Her soles & feet squirm and slide helplessly (focus close-up on her soles some).  Ashley was being killed!  After 10 blows she lays almost motionless.  She will still be slightly wiggling her soles.  She will still be lying and squirming on her face.  She slightly wiggles her defeated/dirty soles throughout the scene, as she is barely conscious. Finally, in one horrific blow, he delivers the deciding punch.  Ashley Pulchrietta, The Galaxy Angel had been killed.  The villain checks for a pulse, finding none.  “Hmmm…  Top story, Goddess of Justice dead?!?!” He kisses her dead soles, pressing his mouth deep into her feet.  He squeezes her feet/soles tightly. (I would like some close-ups of her soles, as they are wiggling/wrinkling.  Also, I'd like if her soles were visible throughout most of the scene).




F.       (1 MINUTE Dead Goddess) The villain gives a wicked grin.  Completely naked and defeated, the Goddess of Justice had been viciously destroyed.  The villain admires his destruction, realizing he’d destroyed the Goddess of Justice & Savior of the Galaxy.  He kicks the side of her ass, and watches her lifeless ass jiggle (close-up as he kicks her ass).  He steps back watching the Dead Goddess lay motionless.  The Goddess of Justice was dead.  (I would just like the camera to pan around her lifeless body, spread and defeated lying on the ground) still in this pose to the right.  (I would like her soles to be visible throughout the pan.  Also, I’d like a close-up of her sexy, slightly dirty defeated soles.)





G.      (2 MINUTES Over The Shoulder/Dragging Soles) She is still spread on her face.  He grabs Ashley by the hair, and drags her into another room (focus on her feet some as she’s being dragged, as her soles wrinkle as their drug).  He then throws her deceased body over his shoulder, her toes pointing toward the ground & her soles wrinkling; and her dirty wrinkled soles exposed.  He smacks her ass and slowly walks into the corner and puts her on a table.  He grabs her soles and squeezes them  (Please keep her soles in view throughout, with some focused Close-ups on them).


H.      (2 MINUTES Bagged Goddess) Lying on the table, he stuffs her dead body into a trash bag.  He ties the bag shut, while letting her once beautiful sovereign feet hang out the end.  Her dirty soles are clearly visible.  He gives her soles one last kiss.  And he squeezes them tightly for a little bit (focus on her soles).  He takes a sticker, and labels the bag, “GARBAGED GODDESS.” He then discards the Goddess of Justice’s dead carcass, by stuffing the bag in a trashcan outside the warehouse. (I would like her feet visible, and I would like some focused Close-ups of them in this scene).  He spits on the stuffed trash bag, disgracing the deceased Goddess.  The movie can end with a shot of the Goddess stuffed trash bag, stuffed in the trashcan.  (Her soles are still visible.)

As she is shown stuffed in the trashcan (which her soles visible), I’d like this to scroll up the screen. “With Goddess of Justice dead, the United State’s Almighty Superheroine & Protector had been obliterated.  Her demise meant the beginning of terrorist attacks again.  A practice that had been halted for 8 years since the emergence of the Ashley Pulchrietta.  The world looked on in shock & horror, upon discovering Galaxy Angel’s death.  The beautiful spandex-clad woman was a symbol of power & protection.  And the Russian terrorists had shockingly destroyed a being thought to be invincible.  Her naked body was eventually disposed of at a local dump by Russian terrorists.  And the Goddess of Justice rotted away under piles of junk & trash.  Justice had been destroyed.  Ashley Pulchrietta, The Goddess of Justice was dead.  Nothing could stop the horrific plans of evil now.”




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